PTE考试里应该重视的一个题型Read aloud (练习一)

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PTE考试里应该重视的一个题型Read aloud (练习一)
PTE Academic 考试的第一个题型就是Read aloud,很多学生认为这个题型偏简单,所以在备考阶段把精力都放在 describe image和retell lecture上,而忽略RA的准备。事实上,RA答题顺利与否,直接影响到后面的题型,也会对pronunciation 和fluency的评分有很大影响。RA是个交叉评分的题型,会影响阅读分数,所以希望考生在备考阶段一定重视这个题型。下面给出两个练习题,请大家练习:
1. The deserts, which already occupy approximately a fourth of the earth's land surface have in recent decades been increasing at an alarming pace. The expansion of desertlike conditions into areas where they did not previously exist is called desertification. It has been estimated that an additional one-fourth of the earth's land surface is threatened by this process.
2. In seeking to describe the origins of theater, one must rely primarily on speculation, since there is little concrete evidence on which to draw. The most widely accepted theory championed by anthropologists in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries envisions theater as emerging out of myth and ritual. The process perceived by these anthropologists may be summarized briefly.


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